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Annual Giving

***NEW!*** Make your PTA Donation ONLINE Below!

Your generous donation to KES PTA will help fund this year’s activities without student-driven direct sales. Donations are tax deductible.

The PTA supports your student(s) through:

  • Academic & school enrichment
  • Community building
  • Faculty stipends
  • Subscriptions & tools for classroom learning
  • Volunteer/hospitality coordination
  • Student agendas & communication folders
  • School beautification


Your PTA membership gives us the support and training from the Virginia and National PTA. We suggest one adult PTA member for each student.


All donations include PTA Membership and FREE ONLINE Student Directory!


Suggested Donation:

$60 for 1 Student

  • 1 PTA Membership

$120 for 2 Students

  • 2 PTA Memberships
  • Free PRINTED Student Directory

$150 for 3+ Students

  • 2 PTA memberships
  • Free PRINTED Student Directory
  • Free KES Orange Tumbler (not available for purchase)



  • Select the suggested donation from the drop-down box, or select PTA Memberships for $5 each if you choose not to donate at this time.
  • Fill in first and last name for each PTA member, youngest student, and teacher.
  • Click “Add to Cart”.
  • Select “Continue Shopping” and you may also choose to add a PRINTED Student Directory for $5 (1 free for donations  $120+).
  • Click “View Cart” to review your purchase before checkout.
  • Alternatively, customize your donation using the “Donate” button. If you previously added items to your “Shopping Cart” they will not be included at checkout.
  • You do NOT need a PayPal account. At checkout, you may select to use a credit card below the option to use PayPal.  There is no fee to pay online.
  • If you prefer to write a check, click here to print a copy of the “PTA Annual Giving and Membership” form. Attach a check to the form and send it into school to your child’s teacher.


Thank you for supporting KES PTA!

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Printed Student Directory (For Donations less than $120)

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Alternatively, Customize your Donation

(If you previously added items to your “Shopping Cart” they will not be included at checkout)